Chi'an technology VI officially renewed, brand strategy upgrade

Date: 2020-10-31    Editor:     View: 526

Recently, Chi'an technology VI, an intelligent solution provider for advertising entrances and exits, has ushered in a comprehensive renewal, with new signs and brand slogans officially appearing in the public. Compared with the old logo, the composition of the new logo is more eye-catching and reasonable, and closely follow the aesthetic of the times, with the combination of graphics and text, so that the viewer's line of sight is more concentrated.

Chi'an has put wisdom and innovative ideas into the import and export intelligent management equipment, based on the R & D and production of intelligent gate, advertising gate, super gate, license plate recognition system, channel system, face recognition system and other professional equipment; For more than 10 years, we have been deeply engaged in the market. Based on the market advertising media demand, we have formed a set of professional and mature advertising import and export equipment and other peripheral product system, realized the new ecology of advertising revenue sharing, and provided intelligent solutions for advertising import and export.

Chi'an technology was officially established in Shenzhen in 2012. At the beginning, the company has more than 8 employees. Since its founding, the company has witnessed the development of the industry. In the past 10 years, Chi'an technology has redefined the advertising gateway customization and established a new advertising gateway industry pattern. Always adhering to the principle of "Chi Zhi Heng, an hang the world", we are committed to providing safe and efficient import and export control equipment for the security industry, and creating a leading brand in the field of import and export control in China.

Set sail for 2020, Chi'an technology takes this as a starting point, never stops its pace of progress, and continues to make innovations and breakthroughs in brand development, product upgrading, marketing mode, etc. it continues to adhere to the principles of openness, inclusiveness and win-win, and deeply expands the market and serves customers from strategic layout, marketing promotion, resource allocation and other aspects.

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